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Just after developing the UI, we produce the logic on its code driving file for inserting a website. There exists a submit button click on event that insert a record in the database.

After that we generate logic with the code powering web page for two functions, just one will be the demonstrate content website page and another is for your visitor counter. The customer counter increments if the website page is initialized.

We're working with Website title in url so remember to cross check your code with debugging what particularly going on there.

You will find one important caveat with all this. In order to method a request by using a file extension other than .aspx including .asp or .html, then you should modify IIS to move all requests as a result of into the ASP.

Web Net.config configuration file. ASP.Internet incorporates fantastic caching services, so there is no have to duplicate mod_rewrite's caching functionality. As Increasingly more Internet sites are increasingly being rewritten with ASP.Internet, the outdated web sites which had been indexed by google and joined from other web-sites are missing, inevitably culminating inside the dreaded 404 error. I'll clearly show how legacy ASP websites can be upgraded to ASP.Web, when maintaining one-way links from search engines like google and yahoo. ASP.Web help for URL Rewriting

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NET ISAPI extension. However, you will require Actual physical access to the server to carry out this, which stops you from basically XCOPY deploying your code to an ISP.

namespace URLRewrittingExample.Blogs community class Site non-public int mId=0; personal string mTitle = string.Vacant; private string mContent = string.Vacant; private int mVisit = 0; community Blog(string title, string content) mTitle = title; mContent = content; general public Website(int id, string title, int go to) mId = id; mTitle = title; mVisit = stop by; public Site(int id, string title, int visit, string content) mId = id; mTitle = title; mVisit = check out; mContent = content; general public int Id get return mId; established mId = value; community string Title get return mTitle; public string Content get return mContent; general public int Go to get return mVisit; established mVisit = price;

URL rewriting is the whole process of intercepting an incoming Website request and redirecting the ask for to another resource. When executing URL rewriting, generally the URL staying asked for is checked and, based on its worth, the request is redirected to a distinct URL.

website working once its load but after rfresh it demonstrating five hundred-interior server mistake. Once i get rid of url rewrite module from .config file no error displaying. beneath is my web.config code

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